Wednesday, April 20, 2011

about motorcycle insurance

If you look at the police records of road accidents, you will clearly notice that motorcycle accidents dominate them all. This is not a story as it tells a very significant fact. The motorcycles are the most favorite vehicles of the people of younger generation. These people are less skilled as well as they also lack in driving experience. The fun-loving attitude of these young men and women make them drive in a faster speed than what they can manage. Keeping all these things in mind, it can be said that these motorcycle riders need to provide the coverage of motorcycle insurance plans for their motorcycles.

A motorcycle insurance plan is also legalized by the law of every country. Today, you cannot ride a motorcycle unless and until you have purchased motorcycle insurance for your motorbike. This bike insurance policy can be purchased from any insurance company easily. These companies own many insurance plans that they specially design to meet the increasing requirements of motorcycle insurance. As the owner of your motorcycle, you need to understand the different aspects of these policies and then decide which plan you would like to insure your bike with.

You must know that these insurance plans are meant for the safety and security for you as well as for your bike. According to the different aspects of these motorcycle insurance plans, you can claim the sum assured if your motorcycle meets with an accident and has net some severe damages. You can also expect some compensation, if your motorcycle meets a theft. Now that you have got a new bike, you should seriously think about insuring your motorcycle with a proper insurance plan. You must remember that there are many insurance plans available with the insurance companies, and you must understand them well before you finalize the one that you think is perfect for you as well as your bike.

You need to contact the insurance company first. However, if you wish to get the services of these motorcycle insurance companies online, then you can easily do it as most of these companies are available on the Internet as well. It is better for you as well, because here you can get a chance to read the policy plans of different companies. This can help you to compare them to find the best one that suits your requirements most

cheapest motorcycle insurance

If you're looking for affordable motorcycle insurance that protects your bike, choose Progressive. Not only do we offer cheap motorcycle insurance, we offer discounts, too. In fact, you may already qualify for significant discounts if you insure more than one bike or already have another Progressive policy — even if it's not a motorcycle policy. Plus, safe riders could receive even lower rates on our already affordable motorcycle insurance.

You may qualify for even more discounts, too, including the following:*

  • Claims-Free Renewal – Receive an discount if you have no at-fault accidents during your previous policy period.
  • Homeowner – Get a discount on your motorcycle policy if you own your own home.
  • LoJack – Receive a discount if your bike is equipped with LoJack® for even more affordable motorcycle insurance.
  • Paid in Full – Pay the full amount of your policy when it renews and receive a discount just for doing so.
  • Prompt Payer – Pay on time for a year and receive a discount when your policy renews.
  • Responsible Driver – No accidents or violations on your driving record for the last three years translates to a discount.
  • Safety Course – Completing an approved safety course could earn you a discount

How to Get the Best and Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance

How to Get the Best and Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance
You must be wondering as to what is the need to get the best motorcycle insurance policy for your motor. You will be able to manage well with just any kind of cheap motorcycle insurance. But the fact is that the insurance works like a helmet on your head. If you buy a cheap helmet it will crack in an accident injuring your head. Similarly if you do not opt for the best motorcycle insurance policy then in the actual scenario of an accident you may not stand to gain at all. The policy should be such that your premium is in balance with your insurance cover. The fun of riding a motorcycle should never be curbed with the thoughts of security.
What should your Insurance include?
The best motorcycle insurance policy should include some of the basic things along with collision insurance. Along with this there should always be an insurance cover for the loss or damage of property. Further, a provision of medical and liability insurance cover will also help in the process. When you opt for the best motorcycle insurance policy you will certainly want an all inclusive policy cover securing most of the parameters of your concern. The main aim of securing the best motorcycle insurance policy is that you do not have to suffer in the event of an accident and you have your rights secure.
Do I really need all this?
You may think that since you are a good rider you would not need the best motorcycle insurance policy, and can comfortably settle for a cheap motorcycle insurance. You may be a good rider but who will give assurance about the other riders in the street. Most accidents occur as a result of carelessness on the part of fellow riders rather than you. Also it is good to have the provision of being represented within the purview of the best motorcycle insurance policy in the event of law suits. There can be a situation that the other parties in the accident sue you for reckless driving. Your insurance cover should be ready to deal with it.
An insurance cover will always sand you in a good position if you choose the insurance policy and company a little carefully. Thus, although you may be a very good motorcycle rider you cannot give guarantee for others in the street, so it is always wise to choose among the best motorcycle insurance policies and settle for one to cut your losses and look after your gain.
You need to know how they will rate you if you want to get the best but still cheap motorcycle insurance!
A motorcycle is as unique and individual as you are. We might not look at motorcycles the same way we look at cars, but when accidents happen, the results are equally devastating. Looking for an insurance for your bike–one that really suits your needs–can be a daunting task. Because there are so many insurance companies around, there’s this endless visits to offices and talks with countless agents for insurance quotes. So lets take a look at how the Motorcycle Insurance Company will determine your Motorcycle Insurance Rate
1. Your motorcycle: If you happen to have the newest sport bike in the toy store then you might get a suprise when the motorcycle insurance company presents you with the insurance rate. Its going to cost a lot more than an older bike.
2. Your Age: Your age is going to play an important role in how much you have to pay, the general rule is that the older you are the cheaper the rates will be. If you don’t have any riding experience then you will get a higher rate even if you are older, so get some experience (take some courses) and you can save a lot of money.
3. Your Address: The crime rate in your area will have something to do with how much you have to pay, if you live in a high crime rate area the insurance company will give you a higher rate than if you lived in a low crime rate area.
4. Your Driving History: If you have ever crashed your car it counts, all your accidents counts. The cleaner your record is, the cheaper insurance you will get.
5. Your Job: Where you drive and park your motorcycle will have something to say, its the same as if you live in a high crime rate area your rates will be higher, if your job is in a high crime rate area and you park your bike there the rates will be higher. Also if you have to park your bike in a “dangerous” area then the cost will be higher because it increases the risk of damaging your bike.

The following five tips will help you get cheap motorcycle insurance but still the best one around!
You can also turn on your television and wait for the advertisements of the motorcycle insurance companies and call their toll-free number for exact quotes. Or you can flip through the hundreds of insurance listing on the phone book directory. But with the changing of the times and the invention of so many technologies that make life easier, even motorcycle insurance companies offering the best motorcycle insurances have brought their business online. Here are the top 5 tips you should know if you want to get cheap motorcycle insurance
1. Do Your Research: There can be a big difference between motorcycle insurance even in the same region. You should set of a whole day for research, often proper research can save you hundreds of dollars.
2. Securing Your Motorcycle: You should do everything you can do to keep your bike secure. Do you have a garage? Install an alarm, do you have a wheel lock? Make sure to tell the Motorcycle Insurance Company how you keep your bike insured and you may get a nice discount.
3. Don’t Get Over-insured: If something happens with your bike then you will only get back the value of the bike or parts that gets damaged, so over-insurance wont get you more money back.
4. Your Mileage: Do you ride your bike to work everyday or do you just use it in the weekends? In most cases you will get Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance if your mileage is low.
5. Special Motorcycle Training: Get motorcycle riding training from the DMV. If you have that you should be able to get cheaper motorcycle insurance.
As I said right before the tips a lot of companies have brought their business onlie so now there is no need to head out to individually visit hundreds of insurance offices for your motorcycle insurance, wait for commercials that do not address your specific situation or get dizzy looking at the directory. You can do it right at home with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Compared to “manually” getting insurance quotes, getting it online takes the word convenience to a higher level. You do not have to go through lengthy procedures. All you have to do is simply type in your zip code so the complete list of insurance companies in your area can be located, and it will bring you results in just a few minutes.
These quotes vary from the most cheapest and affordable up to the most comprehensive insurance rates you can get. You will even be informed of multi-cycle discounts, club membership discounts, Motorcycle Safety Course Discounts among other discount packages you are qualified to get. This will help you evaluate your choices and make an intelligent decision.
Another good thing about this service aside from its convenience is its practicality. You will be able to save up on gas and you would not have to waste your valuable time. Besides, getting multiple of the best motorcycle insurance quotes online is totally free. No hidden charges or any other fees.
Once you find a motorcycle insurance where you can know will be a strong safety fallback, you will be able to ride the open road with peace in your mind